DigiRoofs Terms and Conditions

    • DigiRoofs is a marketing extension of Slim and Trim Construction (STC), and as such all agreements, and contracts are between you (the customer) and STC.
    • All prices and quotes given by STC are only valid for 30 days. Prices are guaranteed only after a formal contract is signed with STC.
    • By submitting a request for a price from STC through DigiRoofs you allow STC to use aerial imaging and other reasonable means to obtain measurements necessary to providing you an accurate price for the project you have requested a quote for.
    • You grant STC permission to access your property for the purposes of verifying any measurements. If you deny access to STC personnel to the property then STC is not required to give you a quote.
    • You also agree to let STC contact you with a price and other marketing material.
    • In order to receive a price you acknowledge that you are:
      1. The homeowner or legally allowed to make decisions for the address at which you have requested a quote.
      2. At least 18 years of age.
    • Only one quote is allowed per email and/or household.
    • Quotes are good only for full roof replacement or for full gutter replacements. Repairs are not included in the DigiRoofs price guarantee.
    • Any quote received from STC through DigiRoofs may be voided if it requires STC to work with a third party. Examples of third parties include but are not limited to; insurance companies, a power of attorney, or mortgage companies.
    • By obtaining a quote from STC you acknowledge and agree to following the confidentiality clause outlined below in section 4.
    • All quotes obtained through DigiRoofs remain the property of STC and are to be used in accordance with STC guidelines. All quotes are to be used strictly for personal use and are not to be used in conjunction with or for the purposes of any third party.
    • Quotes are not to be displayed publicly, in whole or in part without prior written consent by STC. This includes but is not limited to any online platform, as part of any sales transaction that is not directly between STC and you (the customer), or as a reference at any teaching conference.
    • As part of this agreement STC agrees not to sell or otherwise divulge your information to any third party accept where required to by law.
    • Quotes given by STC through DigiRoofs are not a binding agreement to either party.

It is only a reference for a price and scope of work to be completed.

  • STC guarantees the price of all quotes given through DigiRoofs only after a formal contract has been signed. Prices are subject to change up until the time when such contract has been signed by both you and an STC representative.
  • If there are any changes to the scope of work whether before or after a formal contract has been signed there may be a price change. If the change takes place after the original contract is in place there will be a change order that will need to be signed by both you and an STC representative. If the change occurs before the original contract is on place the change may be represented in the quote.
  • Any products outlined in the quote are subject to change due to availability or other unforeseen circumstances.
  • All price guarantees are subject to change due to extenuating circumstances. “Extenuating Circumstances” means any circumstance outside of the control of STC including but not limited to; Government shut downs, extreme weather events, quarantine events, material shortages, etc.